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Voices from Aleppo: “God Willing, We Will Return”

On Dec. 15, Ibrahim Abdul Laith, longtime resident of Aleppo and a volunteer with the media center of the Syrian Civil Defence (known as the “White Helmets”), sat in front of his camera and pressed the record button. “Maybe this is our last day in Aleppo,” he says, speaking softly, looking directly into the camera. […]


In Greece, the Refugee Crisis Worsens While The World’s Attention Turns Elsewhere

Nea Kavala, Greece— “We weren’t expecting to be here very long,” Ayhan, a 28-year-old from Afrin, Syria, says, as she sits with her husband, Hozan, on a porch made of wood pallets outside their modest tent in the Nea Kavala refugee camp in northern Greece. “I only have two changes of clothes,” she continues, pouring coffee […]


What are the limits to a principled opposition to intervention in Syria?

This article appeared in the National on October 16, 2016. Over the past month, the battle for Aleppo has reached fever pitch. Major hospitals have been targeted and destroyed, forcing already injured patients to be treated in makeshift clinics. Bunker-buster bombs – designed explosives to penetrate concrete and rock and destroy underground facilities, have killed […]

Welcome & Some Exciting Personal News!

Welcome! I recently re-vamped my website, deleting old blog posts from when I was in college and curating articles to reflect what I have been working on for the past two years, rather a disorganized mess. As far as my recent work, I wrote articles about the summer from Hell–both Palestine and Ferguson for Vanity Fair, […]

My Country Has Been Bombing Afghanistan for (More Than) Half of My Life

I am 22 years old. As of today, my country has been bombing, occupying and justifying the complete destruction and devastation of Afghanistan for exactly half of my life. I remember October 7, 2001 very well. I was eleven years old, watching TV with my family—we didn’t know that there was going to be any […]