Mosul’s displaced: ‘I’m at the end of my years and have to live in a tent’

As the fighting between Iraqi forces and the “Islamic State” in western Mosul has intensified, thousands have fled the city. In Iraq, Anna Lekas Miller met Moslawis who recently escaped after enduring years of IS rule.

Over the course of one week, Chamakor has gone from an empty plot of land in Iraq’s Kurdish region to a thriving IDP camp, giving shelter to thousands who recently escaped the fighting in western Mosul and the surrounding areas.

“Men, over here,” a peshmerga soldier shouts in broken Arabic towards the hundreds of new arrivals, pouring out of a dozen large, black buses. He’s dividing the men from the women for security screenings – to ensure they do not have ties to the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) before they are given a spot in the camp, which, with the massive displacement coming out of western Mosul, is quickly reaching capacity.

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