Free Birth Control for All?

I was a little cynical from the start about “free birth control for all.”

First of all, “all” is everyone who has health insurance–which is disproportionately skewed towards those who are white and gainfully employed.

I’m covered because the Affordable Care Act was upheld, and I’m still young enough to be covered under my parents. Though there are many young people who got lucky under Obamacare, plenty of my peers’ parents are uninsured, excluding them from this section of the policy.

So, as an insured woman, I should qualify for free birth control…right?

Not so fast–after asking the pharmacist whether or not I qualified under the Affordable Care Act for birth control without a co-pay, he informed me that it did not apply. It only applied for plans that renewed on August 1, 2012–and the vast majority of plans renew January 2012.

When I expressed frustration, the pharmacist told me that I should be grateful, because otherwise I would be paying for the whole thing with cold hard cash. While I appreciate his sentiment and am thankful for my privilege, it still pisses me off when people with penises who have never had to alter their hormones before they have sex but still feel a need to put said penises into everything that moves make any less-than-empowering comments about my use of birth control.

So, despite the headlines and the chatter on the street about a “Momentous Day for Women’s Health” it frankly felt like another “Same Old Shit of Obama’s Broken Promises Day for Everyone’s Everything.” I still spent $20 on my pill pack–and while this is relatively inexpensive given most birth control, keep in mind that thats $20/month for a year…12 x $20 = $240 which is way less than an abortion, but way more than the amount that men need to spend to control their reproductive futures.

What is so hard about it? Just stop profiting off of my attempts to maintain autonomy of my womb and give women–every woman–free birth control. Then everyone can recycle their bogus headlines. 

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  1. 1 Joe Ondrechen said at 8:32 pm on August 4th, 2012:

    Right on the money, kind sister. Much needed reality-based reporting on the not so affordable nowhere near universal couldn’t get arrested as socialist health care act.

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